Increase Your Bottom Line by Integrating the Key Drivers of Success

The most successful companies do three things well:

* Live their values * Develop their leaders * Nurture their culture

Van Ness & Co. provides programs, coaching and consulting to assist organizations in leveraging the power of these dimensions to help you grow. Our services unify your organization around a consistent, vibrant and coherent story.

Discover the Power of Choosing Your Story

Values, leadership and culture are all intertwined

They inform, support and reinforce one another. Valuable each on their own, it’s the integration of these three that truly drives success.
Are you working on becoming a values-based organization? Begin by looking at your story.


Leaders hold the greatest potential for truly integrating your company’s ability to live values and improve culture. They can also create the greatest roadblocks. This knowledge unleashes your power to positively impact results.


It is widely accepted that a healthy culture and trust between employees and management drives success. Building trust and nurturing culture relies on everyone’s ability to honestly articulate their own individual and collective story.


Helping Your People


When your people are fully alive, they bring their best selves to work. They have a positive affect on everything they do and everyone with whom they interact. They influence the positive outcomes and are your most productive resource.


Many researchers have validated the importance of employee engagement. Fully engaged employees outperform others, go above and beyond and provide greater value. They also help you keep costs down with less sick days and less turnover.


In order to be successful, there’s only one thing you must do. Connect. When you are truly connected to your best self, to what you’re doing and why, and to your audience, you are unstoppable.

Maximize Your Team's Potential

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When we’re looking for a change that’s actually meaningful, a change that sticks… We always turn to Van Ness & Company to get that done.

John Boyle, CEO, Convergency Partners

As senior executives we all know that the best way to drive organizaitonal performance is through engagement. Engaged employees are a key differentiator in a company’s overall performance. VN&Co helps people get off the side-lines and really engage in a transformational initiative. Leaders become personally accountable in what needs to change in the organization.

Melissa Andersson, SVP HR Domtar

…That an outside group that doesn’t know us at all could accurately reflect back to us who we are. Incredibly valuable for us. We’re more effective as a result.

HR Leadership Team Member, Cisco Systems


Percent of Job Success Dependent Upon "Soft" Skills


Percent of Total Training Going to Soft Skills

Studies Consistently Support Our Findings & Methodology

Watson Wyatt Worldwide study

Organizations in which front-line employees trusted their senior leaders had a 42 percent higher return on shareholder investment than organizations in which distrust was the norm.

Fast Company

Companies with high levels of trust enjoy higher stock prices, improved profits, and better retention of key employees.

Cornell University Associate Professor Tony Simon

A classic study by of 6,300 Holiday Inn employees found that hotels where managers followed through on their promises and had behavioral integrity were more profitable.

Maximize Your Team's Potential

Drop us a line anytime and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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