Our Services


We deliver trainings and interactive events for your most valued teams. They’ll increase awareness and learn the skills needed to live values, develop leaders and nurture culture.

Programs include:

♦ Typically 1-4 Van Ness & Co actors/facilitators

♦ 1, 2, or 3-day programs

♦ 6 – 750 participants – keynotes, large groups, and small groups

♦ Off-the-shelf or custom programs

♦ Resources for continued development


We’ll work one-on-one with your most influential leaders. They’ll create a strategy to enliven their stories, connect with their teams and engage with their clients.

Coaching services include:

♦ Experienced Van Ness & Co coach

♦ Normally involves 3 to 10 sessions over an agreed upon period of time

♦ In-person and/or phone/video coaching

♦ When appropriate, use of individualized assessment tools

♦ Development of personalized action plans and resources for continued development


We’ll guide you through the process of implementing change in your organization. We facilitate team meetings, guide challenging conversations and design experiential learning exercises.

Consulting services with a Dedicated Senior Consultant include:

♦ Typical engagements lasting 6 weeks to 9+ months

♦ When appropriate, use of team advancing assessment tools

♦ Organization-wide or small team interviews

♦ Findings delivered in Final Report & Live Presentation

Deep and Real Engagement…
that Endures

We move well beyond the passive lecture method. Through high engagement exercises, your team members experience learning on multiple levels. This becomes more profound than superficial learning. These innovative, breakthrough methods accelerate results and create deep lasting connections that make learning stick.

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Moving Beyond the Classroom

Peak experiences are not the drivers of lasting change. Insights gained during programs need to be supported through adoption of new habits in daily life. That’s why every VN&Co program ends with participants making commitments to integrating their learning into their day-to-day.

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Is It Possible to Exceed Expectations?

Absolutely! In today’s complex business environment it’s imperative. VN&Co regularly surpasses the expectations of our clients, helping you go beyond the expectations of your leaders and customers.

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