Why Is Our Business Consulting Needed?

It’s understandable that organizations work to solve problems from within. After all, isn’t that what your leaders are paid for? In fact, we believe that the wisdom to solve your thorniest challenges already exists within the workforce. However, it’s been shown over and over again that the most successful leaders utilize consultants to provide an external perspective and unique skills to leverage the wisdom of your staff so that problems can be managed and overcome.

Creating Lasting Change

The problem with change is, how to make it succeed and stick. We know you want whatever change initiative you’re currently undergoing to not just be the next flavor of the week. A surprising amount of change initiatives fail. There are a variety of factors that impact their degree of success. Here are a couple of items:

  • Alignment at the most senior levels, clear articulation and thorough communication about the change and how it’s linked to the organization’s strategy,
  • The degree to which various stakeholders are involved in the design and implementation of the change effort
  • Appropriately assessing how willing individuals are to changing themselves.

The Solution

One of the keys to success is having a partner with whom to share the journey and provide guidance at key points along the way. Having trusted advisors who bring valuable but different skill sets increases the potential for successful initiatives.

With VN&Co you hold the key to unlock a vast network of experts in various fields. This level of access ensures that you will have the tools and support you need to succeed. Our approach actually makes the change process fun.

Our engagements are customized to suit your specific needs and frequently we utilize targeted consulting to leaders in conjunction with our other services (programs and coaching).

At VN&Co, we focus on the three drivers of success. Values, Leadership & Culture (see below).

Listen to what Melissa Anderson from Domtar has to say about VN&Co

Organizations are constantly changing. How is your company managing change? Are your people actively engaged in the midst of the change? How do you make change fun?

VN&Co specializes in helping organizations manage change. We use a variety of proven approaches, including interactive theatre, to facilitate change. We bring life to the story of your organization. The story as it is currently as well as the story you desire to exist.

Our job, ultimately, is to inspire you to choose your story.

Live Your Values

Failing to live up to organizational values is the material of case studies at MBA schools around the globe. Ensruing that corporate values are more than words on a page is absolutely essential in these days of social networking and the 24hr news cycle.

We can assist by assuring that your team members come into alignment with corporate values and represent them both internally and externally.

Develop Your Leaders

Leadership is a skill that constantly needs updating. As your organization changes, so must your leaders change with it to keep pace with renewed strategies, goals, values and culture. Our team has deep experience in developing leaders across many industries in diverse global environments.

Nurture Your Culture

We have the means to assist no matter where you stand regarding culture. VN&Co has a substantial toolbox to determine cultural status. Regardless of the current culture, it can be improved and brought more into alignment with your values.

Get started now in living your values, developing your leaders. and nurturing your culture

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