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Our goal is to help you adapt and grow.

Are you making a shift in your strategy? Is moving more toward digital systems part of the plan? Are you trying to navigate your business in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world? ? Is your approach to become more innovative, adaptive, efficient? Do you believe working to clarify your goals, unify a vision, or create a values based organization will help?

Help You Adapte and Grow

Van Ness & Co (VN&Co) works with leaders at all levels to clarify and articulate their strategy, increase efficiency, enhance innovation. Central to our vision is concentrating on the three main concepts: living your values, developing your leaders and nurturing your culture.

We have a team of highly skilled professional business consultants with backgrounds in performing arts, education, consulting, coaching, communication, facilitation and much more. Each of our team members possesses a massive array of skills and experience across multiple organizations and industries. This allows them to provide you with proven and time tested methods to advance organizational goals. Uniting you with the right resource is one of our core values.

Another key value is building relationships with an international network of partner organizations. When you engage VN&Co you not only gain access to top class multi-disciplinary talent with keen business acumen, you benefit from our connection to experts in:

  • Organization Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Management Infrastructure
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Values Based Cultures
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • And Much More…

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Meet Founder, Tim Van Ness

Building VN&Co to meet the needs of all our customers is my sole focus. To achieve that objective, our team continually collects intelligence about the optimal methods and programs to positively affect organizational change through the integration of values, leadership, and culture.

The collective experience of our team has led us to concentrate on some unique and powerful practices. One of those methods is using theatrical (acting, directing, movement and voice) techniques to facilitate the exploration of human development and expression. Another common tool we utilize is the exploration of “story”. This multifaceted concept provides an excellent framework to clarify, articulate, and operationalize your vision, mission and strategy.

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